Instaradio 1.1

Published on 06 September 2013

What’s new and other things

Hey Instaradiolers (… yeah we just made that up) the latest update (1.1.0) to instaradio for iOS is live on the App Store and we wanted to give a quick overview of the changes and what’s coming in the (near) future.

We’ve completely redesigned the app and we think you’ll like it, Instaradio 1.1 is cleaner, brighter, and easier to use.

We’ve Added the ability for new users to set their own station name, but don’t worry, existing users will be prompted to set one as well. Were you confused by how your avatar was set? Well we made it a bit more simple: you can now set your own.

Last but not least, some major bugs have been squashed, including a few nasty crashes.

The Future

Instaradio development continues onward. You may or may have noticed we’ve updated our website, and Instaradio 1.1.1 is currently making good progress.

If you have any feature suggestions or feedback, please give us a shout on instaradio, or (if you’re old fashion) email us at

Ryan + Instaradio team